Welcome to our website and welcome to the UK Independence Party!

Formed in 2000 the Walsall Branch has grown steadily and we now have representatives in every Ward in the Borough, any of whom will gladly talk to you about what the Party stands for both locally and nationally.

The UK Independence Party is the most inclusive, diverse, democratic Party in British politics. We are here for you, your voice in the Walsall Council Chamber and soon to be your voice in the Houses of Parliament. We offer a common sense solution to your problems and our three elected Councillors will listen, discuss and where necessary act upon your concerns in a sensible and professional manner.

Politicians are always offering you change yet the only change they give is ‘short change’. This Party was born out of the need for real change, real honesty and the desire to have a real say in the future of Great Britain.

If you want real change in Walsall and in the country as a whole, join us in Nigel’s “People’s Army” and be part of the peaceful revolution.