UKIP Walsall on the EU Campaign Trail

UKIP were formed to help rid the UK of the undemocratic and inefficient European Union. With the Referendum coming up on June 23rd it goes without saying that UKIP Walsall will be out campaigning for the UK to Leave the EU. Our next confirmed Campaign dates are listed below. If you’re in the area come and give us a hand! Also, if you have any questions about the EU referendum then please come along. Vote Leave on June 23rd!!

Upcoming Campaign Dates & Locations
Sat 21st May @ 10:00am – Aldridge Town Centre
Sun 22nd May @ 10:00am – Short Heath Housing Estates
Wed 25th May @ 10:00am – Willenhall Town Centre

Cllr Liz Hazell, PPC for Walsall North and UKIP Walsall members in Willenhall Town Centre.
Cllr Liz Hazell and UKIP Walsall members in Willenhall Town Centre in 2015.


UKIP 2016 Local Election Candidates Announced!

Our Councillors are not Whipped into voting with the party so if YOU elect a UKIP councillor then YOU get a representative that represents YOU. You Get a representative that votes for YOU and not a representative that votes in the interests of their party at your expense.

Colin Haward 2
Aldridge Central & South
Colin Hayward

Pete Burton 4
Aldridge North & Walsall Wood
Peter Burton

Alan Rudd-Everitt Darlaston Green 3
Bentley & Darlaston North
Alan Rudd-Everett

Bloxwich East
Gareth Timmins

Derek Bennett portrait 7
Derek Bennett

Philip Friend
Philip Friend

Graham Eardley

Steve Grey
Pheasey Park Farm
Steve Grey

Jessica Duffen 4
Rushall & Shellfield
Jessica Duffen

Dan Castle
Short Heath
Dan Castle

Adrian Duffen 3
Adrian Duffen

Willenhall North
David Wycherley

Ryan O'Brien 5 cropped
Willenhall South
Ryan O’Brien

5 Reasons to Vote UKIP on May 5th

  1. Our Councillors are not Whipped like the other mainstream parties so our Councillors can vote for YOU and not for the interests of their party. Only UKIP can offer a Councillor that will fight for YOU and not for political gain.
  2. UKIP are the only party that is 100% opposed to the EU, by voting UKIP on May 5th you give us more power to prevent EU regulations that damage our Councils.
  3. UKIP are the only party that opposed the 3.99% Council Tax rise and by electing UKIP Councillors we can prevent this happening again. UKIP believe funding should be taken from our EU membership fee; Not from the hardworking people of Walsall.
  4. Our Candidates come from a wide range of age groups and backgrounds, only by electing UKIP Councillors will you get representation from all sectors of society; Not just from the Political Elite like the mainstream parties.
  5. Labour, Conservatives and the Lib Dems have forgotten about smaller suburbs like Willenhall, Darlaston, Bloxwich and Brownhills in the pursuit of reviving the Town centre; UKIP will fight for the smaller forgotten areas because we believe every area in Walsall should thrive, not just the centre.