2015/16 Budget Statement

“The Ukip Group on Walsall Council are disappointed that the Council have voted to increase Council Tax by 1.99%. This means that a Band D property will now be charged £1,410.26 at a time when residents are still struggling to balance their finances.”

“Ukip Councillors proposed that Council Tax be frozen at the 2014/15 rates and that the valuation bands be retained. This would have reduced the tax collection by £1.8 million, however, by freezing Council Tax we would have qualified for a Government grant of £1.1 million – so the net reduction would have been £687,000. Regrettably this Ukip proposal was defeated.”

“Although the subsequent agreement between Labour and Conservative members meant that two of our proposals – the temporary removal of the threat of library closures and street cleaning services – were adopted, Ukip Councillors were not able to support the proposed increase in Council Tax. The Ukip Group believes that it is simply unfair to raise taxes on residents whilst their local services are being reduced and therefore voted against the budget.”

Cllr Liz Hazell
Ukip Group Leader

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