Anthony Thompson selected for Aldridge-Brownhills

Last night, members of Ukip Walsall voted unanimously in favour for Anthony Thompson to become Ukip’s prospective parliamentary candidate for Aldridge-Brownhills following Paul White’s resignation.

Anthony said, “As a businessman from the West Midlands with strong roots in the Black Country, I am delighted to have been selected as the prospective parliamentary candidate for Aldridge-Brownhills. I am eager to begin my campaign to win this seat for Ukip, the only party that can be trusted on the key issues that I believe the people of this constituency really care about.”

Anthony Thompson (centre) with Cllr Liz Hazell and Derek Bennett.
Anthony Thompson (centre) with Cllr Liz Hazell and Derek Bennett.

The UK Independence Party will:

  • spend an extra £3 billion per year on our ailing NHS and introduce free hospital parking
  • leave the European Union and control immigration
  • invest in elderly care and cut foreign aid
  • scrap tuition fees for real degrees and reverse the Conservative led Coalition’s perilous cuts to our armed forces

8 thoughts on “Anthony Thompson selected for Aldridge-Brownhills”

  1. good luck mr thompson i really hope you win, and have every thing crossed ukip win the election, its about time something is done for us working class people. if mr farage said he would keep the bus passes and cold weather payment a lot more pensioners would vote ukip. xx

    1. Dear Maureen,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I can assure you that UKIP will keep the bus passes and cold weather payments. We believe that rather than spending billions on foreign aid and renewable energy subsidies we should make sure that we protect the NHS and vulnerable people.

      Please don’t forget to vote on 7th May!

      With best wishes

      Anthony Thompson

  2. I need to know if you intend to reduce the immense poverty that is killing the sick and disabled, who are extremely isolated and struggling to survive on £109/week, having been robbed of a minimum of £109/month DLA.

    This is an extremely high tax for them to pay, do you not think? Is anyone else paying such high tax?

    And now Walsall Council is inflicting a 200% increase in council tax upon them as well.

    This sector of the population is close to death.

    Many have died already. It is genocide.

    There is going to be an absolute masacre.

    How will you vote when asked whether to relieve the poverty of the long-term sick and disabled?

    Richard Shepherd voted strongly AGAINST relieving such suffering. When these ‘patients’ already suffer enough, without government persecution on top.

    Anne Lester

    1. Dear Anne,

      You are quite right that we have a duty to protect the sick and disabled. My mother was disabled and so it is a cause close to my heart. UKIP believes that we must stop spending billions on ineffective foreign aid and renewable energy subsidies and use this huge amount of money to make sure the NHS and social care is properly funded.

      If there are particular circumstances that affect you and I am elected to be the Aldridge-Brownhills MP, please contact me after the election on 7th May so that I can learn the details and I will do everything I can to make sure that you get the help you need.

      With best wishes,

      Anthony Thompson

      1. This reply has only just come to my attention, Anthony and I thank you for it.
        And the chronically ill are still not safe.

  3. Dear Andy

    The very best of luck in the forthcoming election
    I am voting UKIP having voted for the Conservatives all my life.
    Love the straight talking Party that does not pretend to be something it isn’t
    or vilify or shout down those with a religious conscience in the workplace on the issue of same sex marriage.

    Steve Grimsley

  4. Dear Anthony,
    I was good to speak with today in Aldridge (Sat 2 May) and talk about some of the wider issues affecting the UK. It was certainly a thought provoking discussion and I wish you all the best in your campaign. UKIP apply a lot of ‘common sense’ to their policies, an approach that the existing Government would do well to follow. With the departure of Richard Shepherd from this seat and after our discussions today, I think I’m turning from ‘blue’ to the purple of UKIP.

    Thanks for your time.
    Best regards,

  5. dear mr thompson i wish you the best of luck for the election im sure you will do really well in the parliment good luck!

    sincerly scott clarke

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